True Craft is now open!

True Craft is a labour of love from owners David Lewis, his brother John, and local Tottenham resident Oz Earl. With our combined passion for great beer and David's experience in one of London's finest sourdough pizza restaurants, we came together to celebrate what we love. We believe that beer and pizza are a match made in heaven. Thanks to the varied and complex flavours of modern craft beers, they pair perfectly with food, and in particular sourdough pizza. We wanted to create the perfect environment to celebrate them both.

With Tottenham now establishing itself as the beer brewing heartland of London and the borough now becoming a nightlife hotspot, the area felt like the perfect place to set up home. We found a beautiful abandoned Victorian pub on West Green Road, quit our jobs and set about 3 months of renovation work to bring it back into use, working with some of the finest local craftsmen...and the rest is history!